Salud Para La Gente is here for you. We are OPEN. Please call (831) 728-0222 for an appointment.
Salud Para La Gente is here for you. We are OPEN. Please call (831) 728-0222 for an appointment.

About Us

A Whole-Person Approach to Care

Who We Are

At Salud Para La Gente (Salud), we believe that health and wellness are fundamental building blocks for leading a healthy, happy life. We also know health starts for our patients where we live, work, learn, worship, and play.

Salud is a nonprofit healthcare organization with clinics in Santa Cruz County and North Monterey County. As a ‘health home,’ we’ve made it our mission to provide high quality, comprehensive, and cost effective healthcare that is responsive to the needs of the communities we serve.

We seek to ensure quality healthcare to all in need, and make sure we are where our community needs care.

Our Values

  • Service – We strive to provide excellent service and care.
  • Dignity – We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
  • Equity – We believe our patients deserve the best possible health outcomes regardless of their income and demographics.

Who We Serve

Meet Victoria

After Victoria lost her husband suddenly, she was offered Cobra insurance through his work. But she was unable to afford the steep cost. Her daughter suffers from asthma and needs medical attention and health insurance.

Victoria came to Salud where she was able to get her daughter the care and medication she needs. Victoria had no idea where to apply for health insurance. One of Salud’s counselors helped her sign up for Medi-Cal insurance as well as other benefits to help her get back on stronger footing. The counselor also guided her to Social Security survivor benefits for her daughter.

Everyone deserves quality healthcare.

This is Salud’s philosophy. We serve everyone who walks through our doors, regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

Our History

Salud was founded in 1978. We began as a single free clinic offering healthcare to the California Central Coast community…
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