Make an Appointment: (831) 728-0222
Make an Appointment: (831) 728-0222

Wellness & Counseling

Our Providers for Behavioral Health and Counseling

At Salud Para La Gente (Salud), we know that good health isn’t just about our bodies. It’s also about how we feel inside. It’s about how we get along with our family and others. It’s about how we cope when life is hard.

Our behavioral health providers offer counseling for children and adults. You can talk to our bilingual, licensed therapists and Master’s level counselors about:

  • Help for depression, anxiety, grief, substance use, trauma, eating disorders, and more
  • Support in your relationships
  • Support with big changes in your life like getting married or having a baby

Licensed Behavioral Health Providers

Emily C. Solick, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health, and Behavioral Health Provider

Emily C. Solick, LCSW

Director of Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health Provider
Nancy Fernandez, LCSW, Behavioral Health Supervisor, and Behavioral Health Provider

Nancy Fernandez, LCSW

Behavioral Health Provider
Elizabeth Gonzalez-Jaskulak, LCSW, Behavioral Health Specialist

Elizabeth Gonzalez-Jaskulak, LCSW

Behavioral Health Provider
Tonia E. Heath, LCSW, Behavioral Health Provider, and Clinical Supervisor

Tonia E. Heath, LCSW

Behavioral Health Provider
Michelle R. Moses, LCSW, Behavioral Health Provider

Michelle R. Moses, LCSW

Behavioral Health Provider

Community Health Educators

Our health educators can give you information and support for:

  • Healthy eating, exercise, and ways to prevent health problems
  • Diabetes care, chronic pain, and more
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs and HIV)
  • Your child’s healthy development, ages, and stages

In addition, our community health services team members are here to give you:

  • Help signing up for health insurance
  • Help applying for CalFresh