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Make an Appointment: (831) 728-0222

Family Health Care

Our Providers for Your Primary General Medical Care

Our doctors are here to help you maintain your health. We can ensure you get your annual physical exams, along with routine tests, shots, and medicines. Our support for your well-being includes:

  • Testing, treatment, and preventive care
  • Care for long-term illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and asthma
  • Health promotion, health maintenance, and counseling for diseases that people can get from having sex (STIs and HIV)

In addition, our women’s health providers support the needs of women of all ages, such as:

  • Family planning
  • Pregnancy care and childbirth
  • Lactation support and services
  • Breast exams
  • Testing and treatment for issues like menstruation problems and urinary infections
  • Concerns related to aging like menopause and osteoporosis
Amy K. Mcentee, DO, Chief Medical Officer, and Family Medical Doctor

Amy K. Mcentee, DO

Chief Medical Officer
Family Medicine Doctor
Mai Khanh Bui-Duy, MD, Director of Health Information and Population, and Family Medical Doctor

Mai Khanh Bui-Duy, MD

Director of Health Information and Population
Internal Medicine Doctor

Julia C. Burke, DO

Director of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Kevin Coldwater, MD, Director of Family Practice, and Family Medical Doctor

Kevin B. Coldwater, DO

Director of Family Practice
Family Medicine Doctor
Devon R. Francis, MD, Director of Pediatrics, and Pediatrician

Devon R. Francis, MD

Director of Pediatrics
Cristina Gamboa, MD, Director of Women's Health, and Women's Health Doctor

Cristina Gamboa, MD

Director of Women's Health
Danielle B. Obinger, RN, Director of Nursing, and Nurse

Danielle B. Obinger, RN

Director of Nursing

Cayley M. Lanctot, FNP-BC

Director of Advanced Practice Clinicians
John C. Aleman, MD, Family Medical Doctor

John C. Aleman, MD

Family Medicine Doctor

Noah J. Best, RN

Marianna Caglieri, RN, Nurse

Marianna Caglieri, RN

Caitlin M. Casey, PA, Family Physician Assistant

Caitlin M. Casey, PA

Family Physician Assistant

Cathleen Chandler-Eckhardt, NP

Family Physician Assistant
Christopher E. Contini, NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Christopher E. Contini, NP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Flavio A. Cornejo, MD

Family Medicine Doctor
Anna M. Deraco, PA, Family Physician Assistant

Anna M. Deraco, PA

Family Physician Assistant

Katherine Gabriel-Cox, MD

Women's Health Doctor
Elise S. Garrett, NP, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Elise S. Garrett, NP

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
Maria S. Granthom, MD, Women's Health Doctor

Maria S. Granthom, MD

Anamaria Guzman, RN, Nurse

Anamaria Guzman, RN

Laurel J. Harlamoff, PA, Family Physician Assistant

Laurel J. Harlamoff, PA

Family Physician Assistant
Iriana Hinman-Cisneros, RN, Associate Director of Nursing, and Nurse

Iriana Hinman-Cisneros, RN

Associate Director of Nursing
Jennifer P. Jewell, NP, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer P. Jewell, NP

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner
Shannon K. Johnson, CNM, Certified Midwife

Shannon K. Johnson, CNM

Certified Midwife

Berenice B. Johnston, RN


Sarah H. Levitan

Certified Nurse Midwife
Deborah N. Logan, CNM, Certified Midwife

Deborah N. Logan, CNM

Certified Midwife

Hector Magana, MD

Women's Health Doctor

Corinne McClaughry

Family Medicine Doctor

Christopher J. Mele, MD

Women's Health Doctor
Sandra Morgan, RN, Nurse

Sandra Morgan, RN

Associate Director of Nursing
Lindsey M. Nakao, DO, Women's Health Doctor

Lindsey M. Nakao, DO

Women's Health Doctor
Ashley Neway, PA, Family Physician Assistant

Ashley Neway, PA

Family Physician Assistant
Krischel T. Ongbongan, NP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Krischel T. Ongbongan, NP

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Alicia C. Potes, PA, Family Physician Assistant

Alicia C. Potes, PA

Family Physician Assistant

Elvia Ramirez, RN

Leticia G. Salazar, PA, Family Physician Assistant

Leticia G. Salazar, PA

Family Physician Assistant
Rose M. Sandoval, NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Rose M. Sandoval, NP

Family Nurse Practitioner
Christina Schmidt, RN, Nurse

Christina Schmidt, RN

Linda L. Shaw, MD, Pediatrician

Linda L. Shaw, MD


Abraham J. Sklar, MD

Women's Health Doctor
Steven Smith, MD, Family Medical Doctor

Steven Smith, MD

Family Medicine Doctor
Kabita M. Steiny, NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Kabita M. Steiny, NP

Family Nurse Practitioner